Sage CRM 2022 R1: UX improvements - Update territory in Opportunity, Case, Lead Groups

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One of the tasks that we have within our on-going overhaul of Sage CRM is the improvement of the consistency of behaviour of features within the interface. If a feature is available for one entity then we want to roll it out on all others - as long as it makes sense to do that.

For Sage CRM 2022 R1 we have made a change to bring the bring the behaviour available to groups based on Leads, Opportunities and Cases in line with groups based on Companies and Persons.

Users can now carry out a mass update of the territory of Lead, Case, or Opportunity records.

This extends the benefit already in place on Persons and Companies

  • to swiftly and easily allow a System Administrator to reassign groups of Leads, Cases and Opportunities to new security territories without the need to run SQL statements.
  • to allow data to be updated and realigned as business needs change.

You will need to make sure that users can carry our mass operations (these include mass update and update territory).

And then button will then appear.