Sage CRM 2022 R1: Implementation improvements - Extending the requirement for each user to have a unique email address

1 minute read time.

The new version of Sage CRM has extended the requirement for each user to have a unique email address to situations where a system administrator or info manager edits an existing user. Now if a user being edited shares the same email address with another user, the system administrator or info manager cannot save their changes until they assign a unique email address to the user.

This is an improvement in the management of data integrity and provides important benefits for customers especially with implementations that are increasingly interlinked with other front and back-office systems.

The change helps ensure integrity around email addresses used to uniquely identify users for notifications in Sage CRM and helps integrate Sage CRM with 3rd party systems where email addresses are used as the unique identifier.

System administrators can still upgrade to Sage CRM 2022 R1 from an earlier Sage CRM version where several users share the same email address. Such users will keep sharing the same email address in 2022 R1 after upgrading. You can assign unique email addresses to such users whenever convenient for you.

We strongly recommend that each Sage CRM user in your environment has a unique email address assigned. By assigning unique email addresses, you can avoid potential problems. For example, where the wrong user receives an email message that is intended for a different user.