Sage CRM 2021 R2: UI Improvements - Modernised pipeline style

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In Sage CRM 2021 R2 the reporting pipelines have been updated with a modern, fresh design with fully customizable colours & styles. Over the next few releases, Sage will continue to enhance the User Interface for Sage CRM.

The new Rectangle design is the default appearance for the pipelines that can be displayed on the Opportunity List, Case List screens under the My CRM and Company/Person contexts.

The layout of the new rectangle pipeline is different. Within an Opportunity List, the summary information has been moved under the pipeline display.

The segments of the pipeline show the count of records at each workflow stage. When the pipeline is used to filter the records, the segment that is selected is clearly highlighted by a change of colour.

The colours used within the pipeline are configurable using CSS. How to do this is discussed in the Release Notes and in another blog article.

System Administrators can choose between using the new rectangle pipeline style or reverting back to using the older cylinder style of the pipeline.

This is done within the System Administration screens.

Administration > System > System Behaviour

  • Personally I would like it to act like the cylindrical one where it only shows values which are in use, if there are 0 On Hold for example for this to then not be displayed at all. 

    Otherwise customers who have a lot of stages in their Leads / Opportunities / Cases are going to end up with huge pipes.

    Going to be very messy if you are a user who only looks after records covering two stages out of some that might have 15+ steps 

  • Hi Roger

    Can you please log a case with UKI Support and reference this thread.  Have them escalate this to L3 as an enhancement - we will then have a reference in our dev system.  

  • I agree, having the rectangular pipeline for a custom entity makes the system look uniform. At the moment I'm still using the cylindrical on custom entities but the constant 'moan' is why can't they be the same!! I swap back to the cylindrical for the system but they like the new style, hence the mix Disappointed

  • I would add my voice to the veritable chorus - yes chorus, I say! (lol) - of clients and consultants who want to replicate the full functionality of the Opp Pipeline on a custom entity.  Ideally this capability would be built into the Adv Customization Wizard, but being able to retrofit it in later, either ASP or .Net, would also be fine. 

    The gap in functionality between what you get with core entities vs. custom entities has been shrinking for years now.  Today, they're pretty close.  This one feature is perhaps the most useful that is still missing.

  • Hi Mike

    Probably not.  That's not a definitive 'No' but there are other potential changes to the APIs that need to be considered.   It would be a good idea to log this as a case and have it escalated as an enhancement to Dublin.