Sage CRM 2021 R2: New demo workflow for Company

A new workflow for the Company entity has been included in Sage CRM 2021 R2.

The new workflow demonstrates how workflow can be applied to an entity such as a Company and provides system administrators with examples on how to use the workflow features to carry out tasks on multiple tables.

The new workflow is called 'Sage Company Workflow' and can be found under the administration areas.

Administration > Advanced Customisation > Workflow

The workflow is be Deactivated by default. The workflow for the company entity needs to be switched on within the Workflow & Escalation Configuration screen.

When the workflow is enabled, the following workflow actions are available for each company in Sage CRM:

  • Set Account Manager
  • Set Type
  • Set Status

The Sage Company Workflow provides examples of the following business rules and techniques:

  • Changes to comp_slaid will be recorded as a note record.
  • Changes to the comp_slaid can only be made once a communication is recorded that the SLA has been agreed with the customer.
  • Changes to comp_type comp_status and comp_primaryuserid will also be recorded as a note record.
  • Automatic creation of a task.
  • Use of JavaScript condition to determine whether workflow actions should be available.
  • Use of the workflow action type 'Execute SQL' to insert record in notes table.
  • JavaScript condition that links the activity on a task to the company workflow.