Sage CRM 2021 R1: Using inline list customization.

In this article, I want to look at how we can customize a list, and control the order of columns within that list.
We're going to be looking at how we can use a technique called Inline Customization to allow us to customize a list very easily.
Using it, we will add a column to a list or modify the column order of an existing list.

And we'll think about things like the 'allow order by' property or 'show heading' property and we'll look at all of the information that allows us to understand what's being changed

So let's have a look at what we're dealing with here.
We're going to see that I'm looking at the Opportunity Search Screen inside Sage CRM. And I can change the layout of the result grid very simply as the system administrator.

Pages like this are built from a set of screen and list definitions within metadata.

We're going to change the columns in the result grid. If we look here we can see that there is just the grid. That's the part of the screen that I want to focus on changing in this particular article.

To do that I need to go into the system administration screens and once there I need to select customization and then 'Opportunity'. If I want to change a list I need to go onto the lists tab and here we're presented with a list of all of the lists defined for the opportunity entity.

But how can I know which list is the one that I want to change?

Sage CRM makes it easy for us. I can turn on inline customization and then return to the Opportunity Search page.

And now I can see the hyperlink to customize the lists. I can click this and a pop-up list appears allowing me to monitor the name of the list for future reference you can see here it's called Opportunity Grid and I can also change the columns on the list

I can move these columns into new locations.
I can decide whether they should "allow order by" or not and I can change the 'show heading' or 'hyperlink' properties for the columns.

There are other properties such as scripting and custom content that I can set for the columns and the list. That is covered by other articles.

As you make the changes you'll need to click the 'update' 'remove' or 'add' as you work with the columns and clicking save will commit the changes to the database and then the new layout of the list appears.

We just need to return to the admin screens to turn off the inline list customization.