Sage CRM 2021 R1: Changes to the database and metadata

Sage CRM 2021 R1 is significant in that it has delivered more than simple incremental improvements. This release has executed well on its priorities of delivering interface and user experience improvements, pain point elimination, and enhancing integration capabilities for 3rd party solutions.

We've delivered in this release several new features that depend on changes to meta data and to the data model. These include

  • Customer experience and usability enhancements
  • OAuth2 for Internal E-mail and Advanced E-mail Manager
  • Self-service password recovery
  • Inline customization of lists and grids

Some of the changes to meta data are minor but this is a significant release. 

Understanding the changes to the data model is important for customer planning to upgrade their system from an earlier version.

Upgrading may impact

  • Integration with account systems,
  • Customizations that have been written
  • Database tables and views
  • Metadata.

As part of the preparation for an upgrade we need to make sure that all the resources that are needed are assembled.

We have create a spreadsheet that summarises the changes made to the different areas of metadata and the data model.

This is found on the Sage CRM community. (

Within the ‘Example components and developer resources’ download gallery.

The changes are essentially new columns in existing tables – these associated with the OAuth 2 changes and the self service password reset features.

We do not anticipate these changes causing an issue for upgrade.

Make sure that when preparing a system to be upgraded you use all the resources provided.