Sage CRM 2021 R1: Advanced Customization Wizard Updates

It is easy to create custom entities in your Sage CRM system. To do that, you need to download, install, and use the Advanced Customization Wizard. The Wizard is distributed as an optional Sage CRM component. It helps you to configure the various parameters of your custom entity.

The Wizard has been updated for Sage CRM 2021 R1. You can find the new version here:

The new version is compatible with Sage CRM versions 2021 R1, 2020 R2, and 2020 R1

The Wizard is a fantastic tool but, if run on a system without careful thought, it can create significant problems. To help avoid that problem we've added a message to the top of the wizard screen.

This reminds the system administrator that by running the Advanced Customization Wizard they will make changes to the database structure. And those changes to will be new screens, lists and menus and these changes will be permanent.

We have refreshed the default icon. This is to provide a better match with the existing icons used within the product. When a new entity is created using the Wizard the new icon will match the existing style guide.

A full set of icons is provided for use in menus and dropdowns.

The last change that has been made has improved the default layout of the TopContent for wizard created entities.

The top content area of summary screens created with the Wizard now follows the same layout as the standard Sage CRM entity screens: each of the Name, Company, and Person fields is located on a new line.