Sage CRM 2021 R1: Click to dial links

Starting from version 2021 R1, all telephone numbers in Sage CRM are formatted as telephone links

Here you can see the Company Summary page – each phone number field is marked as a Click to Dial field.

The Click Dial dial links make it easy to work within Lists.

Especially Contact Lists
Including Outbound Call within Marketing Campaigns
The links work with whatever device is being used.

Within the HTML of the page the phone numbers are formatted as telephone links, for example:

<a href="tel:1-234-567-8900">1-234-567-8900</a>

The "click to dial" links are valid in all supported browsers.

And they have slightly different behaviour depending on the Browser and Device being used.

This allows a user to tap a telephone link on a phone-capable device to call a phone number. On a desktop computer, when you click a telephone link, you are normally prompted to select an application (for example, Skype) in which you want to open the link.

The browser handler for the link can now be associated with any software on the client machine that can consume phone numbers.

For example, this may include Skype, or specialist telephony software such as the Wildix Integration Service.

When you click on the link the associated app will start and begin the call.