Sage CRM 2020: Sage 300 LanPak licensing requirements for Integrated CRM

The Integration from Sage CRM 2018 R3 and Sage 300 2019 does not require LanPak licenses.

About LanPak Licenses

LanPak is the licensing system in Sage 300 that allows multiple users to simultaneously access a company's accounting data.

The modern integration does not require LanPak Licenses. The older integration did require LanPak licensing and we still occasionally get asked about licensing requirements.  And this has prompted me to share this article.

In implementations pre-Sage 300 2019

For example in versions of Sage 300 (e.g. 2016) integrated with Sage CRM the following would apply.

You did not need a Sage 300 LanPak license to view and use the Sage 300 integrated features that appeared in Sage CRM screens. This meant that no LanPak was used when a user

  • Viewed opportunity status details and current totals on the Opportunity Summary screen.
  • Created a new quote or order from the Company Summary screen.
  • Used the Quotes screen to create new quotes, promote quotes to orders, or view a summary of quotes for an opportunity.
  • Used the Orders screen to create new orders or view a summary of orders for an opportunity.
  • Used the Sage 300 Inquiry screens.

BUT you did need a LanPak license to use any Sage CRM feature that opened a Sage 300 form. This was true when the A/R Inquiry and O/E Inquiry screens had buttons and links that called Sage 300 forms.

In implementations from Sage 300 2019 onwards

The new integration does away with this required as it uses the Sage 300 Web Screens API. The new integration has "fewer moving parts" that make it easier to support. The Sage 300 web screens ensure communication between the Sage 300 and Sage CRM servers. The new integration has a much simpler architecture and is definitely simpler in terms of setup compared to the old integration with the added bonus that LanPak requirement has been removed.

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