Sage CRM 2020 R2: Revised Developer Resources and SDK Installer available

In a recent article "The direction of travel, 2021 and beyond." I explained that Sage is working to make sure that Sage CRM has APIs that are open, standard-based, and free to developers and ISVs.  Sage wants the Sage CRM APIs to be used integrate Sage CRM beyond the Sage Business Cloud and become part of an ever expanding ecosystem.

For this release and in the immediate future you can expect a real focus on API expansion, improvements to the interface and feature expansion.

For the Sage CRM 2020 R2 release we changed the way in which licensing of the SDK works.  Sage relaxed the installation requirements so that the SDK Setup no longer requires a developer license key in order for the SDK to be installed. Another change that was made so that "For Dot Net check box" is now always available in the Advanced Customization Wizard when creating a new entity, regardless of installed Sage CRM license type. This change means that the use of the .NET API is now available to all customers.

The SDK Installer

The SDK Installer is compatible with Sage CRM 2019 upwards.  The SDK Installer will install on 2019 or 2020 – The minimum required version is 2019 R1.

To install the Sage CRM .NET SDK:

  • Download the Sage CRM .NET SDK installation package.
  • Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file to a temporary folder on your local disk drive.
  • Run the Sage CRM SDK 2019 v1.0.exe file and complete the wizard that starts.

Advanced Customization Wizard

You can create custom entities in your Sage CRM environment. To do that, you need to download, install, and use the Advanced Customization Wizard. This wizard is distributed as an optional Sage CRM component. It helps you to configure the various parameters of your custom entity.  

You can find a short video that explains the Advanced Customization Wizard below.