Sage CRM 2020 R2: Resolving Missing Quarters in forecasts

The default forecast quarters in Sage CRM only go to 2020 Q4. Partners and customers will need to add new ones for 2021 and beyond.

These translations can be added easily into the system.

Note:  Additional translations will be added for Sage CRM 2021 R1

To solve this issue first we need to add a forecasting period for the current year.

There are a few simple steps that need to be followed in order to add a new forecasting period:

These are the steps to add new Forecast quarters:

1. Go to Administration | Customization | Translations
2. Click on New Button.
3. Fill the following data.

Caption Code : 2021-Q1
Caption Family : Quarter
Caption Family Type : Choices
Caption Order: 202101 (Comma will appear after you save the values as shown below in the image)

US Translation : FY21 – Quarter 1
UK Translation : FY21 – Quarter 1
French Translation : FY21 – Quarter 1
German Translation : FY21 – Quarter 1

5. Similarly create the others translation for Q2, Q3, Q4.
6. Once you are done with adding the Quarters in Translations, then do a metadata refresh. Log off and Log on to your CRM system.
7. Now you will be able to create a new forecasting entry for the FY 2021 year.

After that if you want to create Report for forecast Summary you will notice below dropdown,

To add the entry for 2021 you need to go to Administration → Customisation → Forecast.
Under fields you will notice the entry below,

Edit that Selection and add the translation for 2021,

After adding this entry, you will be able to enter new forecasts and generate reports for FY21.

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