Sage CRM 2020 R2: Investigating new and changed metadata structures in an installation of Sage CRM

1 minute read time.

I have added to the Downloads area of the Sage CRM Community site a set of simple SQL scripts that can be used to help you report what new Meta Data structures have been added to an install of Sage CRM and what has been changed by comparison with another instance of Sage CRM.

The scripts work by comparing two instances of Sage CRM. I use them mainly to allow me to spot new tables, views and screens etc associated with a new version of Sage CRM. They can also be used to compare a vanilla (new) instance of Sage CRM with production instance of Sage CRM of the same version - that will allow you to understand how and instance has changed and what customisations have taken place since it was first implemented.

You can download the files here:

  • Report names of New Interactive Dashboards
  • Report New Interactive Dashboard Gadgets
  • Report New Reports Added to System
  • Report New System Actions Used in Interface
  • Report Foreign Key Constraints in Database
  • Report Tables, Views and Fields dropped from new version
  • Report Triggers in Database
  • Report Additional Structures in new Database
  • Report New Custom System Parameters
  • Report New Workflows
  • Report New Custom Captions
  • Report New Custom Edit Definitions
  • Report New Workflow Rules