Sage CRM 2020 R2: Changes to SDK, Advanced Customisation Wizard & developer licensing

One of Sage CRM's strengths is the easy with which it can be extended by adding new database tables and screens that add functionality. Custom entities and screens can describe completely new business functions. Much of the customization within Sage CRM can be done codelessly but if there is behaviour that needs to be added using code then this can be done using a choice of different APIs.

Each API has its own strength. In Sage CRM 2020 R2 we have continued our strategy of making the APIs central to the Sage CRM proposition.

Our APIs like the REST API are an essential element of merging older and new style system deployments. Sage CRM typically is deployed within a hybrid cloud environment and increasingly businesses need to capture vast amounts of data while style pressing on with a digital transformation strategy.

The changes we've made in Sage CRM 2020 R2 affect the older APIs that are concerned with extending the features of the system and the user interface. These are the classic ASP pages and the .NET API.

These changes are quite small but I think long overdue changes.

There is a new Sage CRM SDK is available available from the Sage CRM Community.

The new SDK provides the following enhancement has relaxed the installation requirements so that the SDK Setup no longer requires a developer license key in order for the SDK to be installed. And it will compatible from Sage CRM 2020 onward and it will not check the installed Sage CRM version.

And because now everyone can develop using the .NET API We have made another change so that "For Dot Net check box" is now always available in the Advanced Customization Wizard when creating a new entity, regardless of installed Sage CRM license type. When selected, this check box creates a custom entity without ASP pages. To customize the entity, use a .NET DLL. Previously the For Dot Net check box was available only when you had a Sage CRM developer license installed.

The Developer Guide for Sage CRM 2020 R2 will have been updated to reflect these changes.