Sage CRM 2020 R2, a critical update!

There are a number of critical upgrades and enhancements that make upgrading to Sage CRM 2020 R2 a must-have. 

  • The Office 365 authentication method will change to OAuth 2.0, which has an effect on all Office 365 users.
  • Security enhancements to adapt to industry changes. (TLS 1.2)
  • The MailChimp integration enhancements, including finding and deleting duplicate email addresses
  • Inclusion of SQL 2019 SQL  as well as fixes and enhancements.

A recent video from the Sage CRM User conference 2020, goes into more detail and is definitely worth taking a look at:

  • Hi Aslan, 

    You are correct, Sage had supported more than two versions of SQL Server in the past, however, it's not sustainable to continue adding most recent versions without discontinuing support on the older versions.

    1. When we mention that an older version is no longer supported, it means that we haven't tested on that particular version. 
    2. The deep integration with Sage 300 certainly is a selling point for Sage CRM however, we also integrate with Sage 100, Sage 200, and Sage 1000, and it's simply not possible to support all the versions of third-party software that all of those products support.

    Sage's official support policy is that we support the versions that have been tested.

    Our aim is to support current and previous versions of third-party software (OS, DB server, Exchange Server, and so on) In general, when we add a more recent version, we remove the older version we previously supported from the support matrix.  

  • Hi Ocean,

    Sage CRM 2017, 2018 and 2019 each supported 3 consecutive versions of SQL Server.

    Sage 300 2020 supports Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019.

    Considering a major selling point of Sage CRM is the deep integration with Sage 300, wouldn't it make sense for Sage CRM to support the same SQL Server versions as Sage 300?

    If not, what is the official Sage CRM SQL Server support policy?

  • While we are not expecting to encounter any issues with 2020 R2 on SQL Server 2016, we had decided not to support it as it has not been tested. We have however added support for SQL Server 2019 

  • Just looking through the 2020 R2 Release documentation and it states that Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is no longer supported. Yet the standard Sage CRM software policy has always been: "We only support products that themselves enjoy mainstream support from their manufacturers"  SQL Server 2016 SP2 Mainstream Support End Date is 13/07/2021.  Can you confirm that this is Correct?