Sage CRM 2020 R1: Sysadmin and sessions

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Sysadmin is a little known but useful path flag that can be used in Sage CRM to list the current logged on users. It can also be used to manage current logged on sessions.

In path looks like


If you attempt to use this when not on the server you will get the message "Must be on server to run sysadmin".

If you on the CRM server when you enter the path then this is the screen you get:

You can see that you will have a listing of all logged on sessions. In the image above it can be seen that the user Susan Maye seems to be logged on twice. In fact the second log on is a webservices session and that can be seen from the information in the column containing the User Agent and IP.

For more information about sessions and webservices please see the article: Concurrent Users, Web Services and Licenses

EOC, ROC, ACC, MDC stand for

  • eWare Object Count
  • Record Object Count
    • *Active* Connection Count (it"Tms labelled GSQLConnectionCount internally, so concurrent DB connections)
  • Metadata Count

These are counts that had most importance in very early versions of the product. They were used to help troubleshoot COM customisations.

The ACC many be helpful if you are troubleshooting a DB problem.


If you click on the hyperlinked name, it seems to take you to a logon screen but in fact it has just logged out that user.

If you know the active sessionid then users can be logged out using the path