Sage CRM 2020: Quick Setup and Configuration Component

Sage CRM projects are very often implemented in a phases.  The first challenge for a new implementation is to get the software installed and being used. Sage CRM is a full featured CRM system with modules for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service with a powerful workflow engine. In the first phase of a project, however, this may be overwhelming for a person using Sage CRM for the first time. We want to make sure that new users have an experience that is tailored to their needs and all potentially distracting options should be limited.

 One of the resources available in the download section of the Sage CRM Community is a component that will allow you to suppress options which aren't needed in the interface during the first phase of a project. A system administration can swiftly decide whether they need to use everything. The options that are presented as the component is installed are:

  • Use Sales Module
  • Use Marketing Module
  • Use Customer Service Module
  • Use Workflow
  • Use Advanced Interface options

You can find this component in the download section of the partner community.

The component allows you to create a simplified user experience by changing the options in summary screens, and the find and new menus. This is also a useful resource for partners who need to demonstrate Sage CRM. The component allows a partner to quickly setup a scenario that matches a client's need.

The download section describes all the changes that the component makes when each of the options are unchecked.