Sage CRM 2019 R2: Released to the Regions

I am delighted to announce that Sage CRM 2019 R2 was released today Tuesday 20th August 2019. This means that the software has passed its QA process and been issued as 'GA' to each of the Sage teams around the world. Each Sage region is responsible for scheduling the release of the software in their territory because of the needs of taking different accounting integrations into account. This means the local release date of the software is down to each local Sage teams.

Please contact your local Sage support team to check when they will give you access to the software.

Sage CRM 2019 R2 has been focused on changing the way that ISVs and partners can bring increased value to customers.

The game-changing feature for Developers and anyone working to integrate Sage CRM with other web-based systems is the new REST API.

There are other important changes including added support for Exchange 2019 and Office 2019 and the change to mobile experience for service users.

The Release Notes document over 28 issues and 3 key enhancements addressed in Sage CRM 2019 R2. All these changes have been documented in the Help Center.