Sage 300 -> CRM integration troubleshooting guide - Step 4 of 9

Next up - Change the Sage 300 user credentials on Sage CRM
With this step we will be setting up the user credentials in Sage CRM to connect to the Sage 300 WebApi. This is an important step and should be done before trying to sync tables or any other action on Sage CRM integration. 

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Navigate to Administration -> Sage 300 Administration and click on the "Sage 300 USER-LEVEL SECURITY".
Then you select the current user you are going to use for testing from the list, this list is the Sage CRM users list. You would need to eventually add this for all users to be able to use this function.

In my example I am logged in with ADMIN, so I will select ADMIN from the list of users. This will then take me to this screen below:  

I need to then give the Sage 300 user ID as well as password that I can use to log into Sage 300 web screens and the same user I set up to use Sage 300 WEB API. As discussed in the previous articles, you need to give permissions to this user, and in my case when using ADMIN, I need to also give permissions in the webconfig files of Sage 300. See steps here.

Now when I add the user and password on this screen, it HAS TO BE ALL CAPS, even if I don't use caps to log into Sage 300, it needs to be ALL CAPS on this screen. If there is no security on the system, then the password will be ADMIN as well.
Here is an example of my login:

However when I log into Sage 300, I use:
U: admin
P: <blank>