Reporting in Sage CRM: A round up of articles

Sage CRM has an internal reporting feature that allows a System Administrator to control who can report on the business data held inside Sage CRM.

When a user creates a new report, they can make use of the following features in the report editor:

  • An extensive list of Report Sources, which you can expand using the Views Customization functionality.
  • A choice of List, Cross Tabular, or Historical report types.
  • Set the number of Rows Per Page on list reports to improve the layout of the report output.
  • The ability to add a chart to the report.
  • The ability to use of sums, averages, groups, and record counts.
  • The ability to format data to make use of hyperlinks and number formats.
  • Display header and footer information, such as the user who has run the report and the date/time it was run.
  • Create private reports, available only to that user.

You can learn more about the core features of the reporting engine within the Help Centre ( and by watching the short training videos available on the Sage Customer Support and Training YouTube channel:

The rest of this article is a round up of links to different articles about reporting.

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