Products by Code, an example of changing a Search Select Advanced field's behaviour

Simple things can become show stoppers.

I was asked if there was anyway to expose the Product Code field in the Line Items area when building a Quote? The customer wants to enter order by code or SKU number instead of by product family and product name.

The behaviour of the Search Select Advanced is controlled using translations.

Go to admin>customization>translations>

Search for

Caption family beginning with: ss_
Caption code: NewProduct

Select the returned row for ss_viewfields

Change the translation from prod_name to prod_code.
  • Hello,

    What if I also want to display address infroamtion about the selected entity? When I select a company in a search select advanced field I see the name and the phone number. But, I also would like to see the primary Address 1, zipcode and City of the selected company. What's the best way to achieve this?

    Kind regards,