Sage CRM 2020 R2: Mailchimp - An Introduction (Part 5 of 7)

In this fifth article of the series, I will describe how to create a Group in Sage CRM and add it as a segment to a Mailchimp Audience.

The place to start is within the Groups screen within the 'My CRM' menu.

I have created a Group in Sage CRM and when this is sent to Mailchimp it will add it as a tagged set of subscribers. This will be the segment used for the campaign.

I made sure that the contacts had email addresses that I could access and open and click into to see how Mailchimp and Sage CRM would report those interactions. Sage CRM has a feature to prevent email addresses being duplicated within the contact entities (Company, Person and Lead) - you can not have duplicate email addresses used in Mailchimp as this is unique for the Audience.

In integrated systems, users with rights to use the Mailchimp feature will see a button on the group page called 'Send to Mailchimp'.

Clicking that button sent the Sage CRM group to Mailchimp.

You will see the success of the sync displayed in the notifications.

If we look in Mailchimp it has been added as a segment to the Audience that was used in the original configuration of the integration.

Once we have done that we can create the Mailchimp Campaign in Sage CRM and send it to Mailchimp. The next article will cover those steps.