Linking Person address to company address in Data upload

Sage CRM has a very powerful tool for data upload. When combined with its different upload configuration options there are a few business needs that can be catered to.

Using one of the upload configuration options in Data upload, on a demo Sage CRM 2021 R1 install, we can link a person with an address that is different from its company's primary address.

If there is a business need where a company has multiple people with different addresses not necessarily the same as the company’s main address for any reason and these details are regularly uploaded to your Sage CRM, having a data upload template with mapped fields would be a blessing! So here it is.

Create a data upload template that would have company & associated address fields, Person & associated fields. In this template duplicate person address fields, these duplicate fields will have different headers and while matching them with fields they will be mapped to the company address as a second address.

Examine the highlighted header in the below screenshot of a sample data upload file, they are duplicates of Person address fields.


Once your template is ready in the data upload step 1, make sure “Max Addresses Per Row:” is set to 2. This will help us to link the Person’s address to the company address with the right mappings in the next step.

In Step 2 of Data upload – that is mapping the fields make sure

  • Appropriate dedupe rules are set for your install
  • Company fields are mapped to company entity including the company main address with the order as 1
  • The address field of a person that is not the company’s main address should be mapped to the company address but with order 2 (see next screenshot with highlighted in red box).
  • Person fields are mapped to person entity including the person's main address with the order as 1

Finish the Data upload with steps 3 and 4 with configuration as per normal for your installation.

In Sage CRM you can now see the company created with Person and correct address links.

Please note: Before doing data uploads on a production environment, make sure to thoroughly test all the configuration settings and dedupe rules with multiple test cases on a test install.