Info Managers and System Administrators can share Gadgets with colleagues

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If a user is an Info Manager or a System Administrator, then they can create Library Gadgets. This means if they have a brilliant idea that can be displayed as an SData, Chart or List gadget then they can build that gadget in such a way as to allow other users to include it in their own Interactive Dashboards. This is true even if the other uses would not normally be able to see such data or be able to build the gadget themselves.

Note: To understand more about the different levels of users that can exist in Sage CRM please see the System Administration guide.

As an example of this, consider the SData gadget that I discussed in a previous article "Building an SData Gadget to view current users".

This Gadget might be useful to all users to allow them to see who else is currently logged on to the system.

To create a Library Gadget the user has to click on the Template button and select the Gadget Library Option.

Once the PopUp screen appears then the 'New' button needs to be clicked.

The sequence of creating the Gadget is the same as creating a standard Gadget for your own Interactive Dashboard. To understand the procedure please see the either the articles below

or the User Guide which explains about each type of Gadget in the Gadget Quick Reference.

Once you have followed the steps for creating the Gadget and saved the gadget with a name it will then show the Gadget in the Library.

The Gadget is then available for a user to add to their own Interactive Dashboards when they then choose "Add Library Gadget".

It can then be selected like any of the other Gadgets in the Library.