IIS settings required for Sage CRM installation.

This article is intended for consultants that are not entirely confident with the IIS ( Internet Information Services) settings that are required for a successful Sage CRM installation.

Sage CRM is a web-based application, and therefore it requires a web server in order to function. The primary role of the webserver is to store, process and deliver web pages to the users by means of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

As Sage CRM is reliant on the web server, IIS should be installed and configured prior to attempting to install Sage CRM.

For more information on which versions of IIS are supported, please refer to the relevant Sage CRM Software Requirements document, available on the online help site: https://help.sagecrm.com/

There are several errors that one may encounter should IIS not be configured correctly, below are only a few of the most common ones:

Disallowed parent path

HTTP 500

Invalid user name and password

Setup has detected that the CRM URL rewriter may not be working correctly,

Please see the attached document to be used as a guide through the process of installing IIS as a server role and the configuration required by Sage CRM.

(IIS 10.0) Server 2016 settings Ocean's doc.docx
  • You are 100% correct Graham, it would be more secure on the CRM web site, instead of the web server itself. I have edited the document to reflect this.

  • Thanks Ocean, this is helpful.  I do have one question: from Step 11 to the end, your instructions recommend making security changes - e.g. enabling Anonymous Authentication, Parent Paths, etc. - to the web server itself.  Wouldn't it leave our client's web servers more secure if we left the web server alone and instead implemented these at the CRM web site level after CRM has been installed?  Just a thought.