Sage CRM 2021: How to customize the calendar list

As a system administrator, you can change the appearance of the Calendar List tab. For example, you can add or remove columns, change the horizontal alignment of values in each column, and set the default list sorting mode.

You can log on as the system administrator. Then switch over to the Admin screens and within the customization area click on 'Communication' and within that entity's context look at the List tab where you will find there is a new list called 'CalendarList'.

And a system administrator can here control the behaviour of the list.

Note: You can add only the following field types to the Calendar List: Checkbox, Date Only, Date & Time, Email Address, Integer, Multiline Text, Numeric, Phone Number, Selection, Text, User Select, WWW URL.If you add a field whose type isn't supported, that field will not appear in the Calendar List.

You can also see the new System Action 'ResponsiveCalendarList' in the 'User' System Menu. This is the menu for the 'My CRM' context.

  • This is a feature added in Sage CRM 2018 R3.

  • Hi Jeff, The trick doesn't work for me...The new calendar list is only available for the current user.

    Could we also edit the agenda list ( from the new calendar tab) and add the location field for example? I don't see the customisation of this list in SCRM 2018R2/R3.

  • Caili

    What is missing is the selection box at the top of the screen. Please do log an enhancement request with your local Sage team. There is a trick you can use in the meantime. Have the user go onto another of the list pages in the My CRM context e.g. Lead and then select to look at another users options. Once they are selected the user can then click on the Calendar List tab and the list will be displayed for that other user.

  • So excited but disappointed... love the new list view but can only view it for the logged on user, no option to view other user calendars... would be most useful for organisers!

  • Jeff I do not have the "Calendar List", I was able to build the Calendar List by using the "Communication List", but this doesn't work for viewing the Team Calendar, the Team Calendar List looks like the Old Team Calendar without the button to view the calendar as a list. My team members have become reliant on the list view.