Email Marketing Analysis - Do a Campaign Review

An equally important part of the analysis phase of email marketing is to undertake a review of the campaign performance. This is from an organisational and delivery perspective, metrics don't really play a part in this process.

With this in mind, it is useful to do a "health-check" by going through the list of statements and questions around email marketing in your organisation that you answered at the beginning of the process. Below is a reminder of a sample checklist to reconfirm how your organisation is positioned for email marketing - don't forget to increase your maturity level now that you have managed to execute your first campaign.

As part of your analysis you should also review your testing methodology on the various email component parts as appropriate.

In the next blog we will take a look at one of the central arguments around email marketing success - that of ROI. While many executives will place a high level of importance on this metric from a revenue and cost/benefit perspective, it is important to understand the context of ROI - particularly accurate ROI measurement - within email marketing.