Sage CRM 2021: Deleting Communications and Documents

Deleting communications

As part of the general right to be forgotten you may need to remove communications.

These are communications either associated with a person or a Lead. The Communication tab will have a button available to Administrator to allow them to delete all communications associated with a contact.

Clicking this to delete the communication will need to be confirmed.

This will affect all communications for this person. If you delete a communications such as a Task that are not linked to any other Person in Sage CRM. Then the communications is deleted and the communications are no longer visible to any users. If you delete a communication such as an Appointment that may be linked to multiple Persons in Sage CRM then the link for that person is removed but the communication remains for the other contacts.

Deleting documents

You can also delete Documents that have been added for a person records. These are files either uploaded or generated as a result of a merge.

System Administrator can see a button. 'Delete All Documents'.

When the Delete All Documents is pressed then this will remove the database library record AND the file.


The Administrator can confirm the deletion.

Which then means the library records are deleted.

The files will have been deleted.

Mass Delete of Communications and Documents from a group

It is possible to perform a bulk delete of communications and documents associated with a group of contacts.

The administrator can then select which type of record to delete.

Then confirm that these items are to be removed.

Which then performs the deletion.