Customising the Time entry list by adding Translation

I want to share how to customise the time entry list by adding translation.

By Time entry list i mean the dropdown list we get that allows us to select the start time and end time for an appointment(scheduling appointment).

For eg: by default the options are: 8:00, 8:30, 9:00

A client had requirement to select the time : 8:15, 8:45,9:15 etc.

To do so, click Administration>Customization>Translations  -- Click new

select the Caption Family: TimeNOAMPM

enter the desired time you wish to appear in the list in Caption code. for eg: Caption Code:8:15

In Caption order, enter the index number where that time should appear in list , lastly enter the different Translations(US,UK, French etc)

Click save, continue.

The time will appear in the list.