A round up of articles about creating ASP pages: The essential guide to extending the interface using the COM ASP API.

Sage CRM can be extended using ASP pages that are able to use the properties and methods of the CRM object. These objects methods and properties allow the custom pages to connect to the system database and produce formatted output to the web browser. Standard ASP scripting conventions are observed with the the assumed language being JavaScript.


Creating Pages

Building Pages without predefined Meta Data

Quick Tips and Info

Editing and Formatting Pages

Redirecting Pages

Working with Screen Based rules

ASP Pages and Workflow

ASP Pages and Reports

New Tables and Entities

Graphics and Charts in ASP pages

Complex Pages and Examples

ASP Pages in an Integrated environment

Using other ActiveX Objects in ASP pages

  • Jeff:

    This is a great list for working with asp pages. Thank you!

    Unfortunately, currently I am not finding what I am looking for. I am hoping you can point me in the right direction. I would like to create a pop up window from a list page. I am not sure if pop up window is the correct terminology.

    I have created a list page. The list page contains different line items which will need to be updated by users. There is a HyperLink on each of the list's records to allow for editing the items on the list. I would like to click on the link and have a window pop up for editing. It would be a small window with about four or five fields to update for that record. After the item is updated, I want to close the window and remain on the list.

    I think I have see something about pop up windows in CRM before. However, I am not able to locate how to do this.

    Is this possible? If so, can you give me a shove in the right direction on where to find some information on how to accomplish this?

    Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Michele

    I think the type of behaviour you are describing is best accomplished with a mix of client side code calling a server side page. Imagine a page with the grid. When the hyperlink is clicked you want the edit dialog to appear BUT you would really need it to be modal and tied to the list page. You want people to either edit the record and save or cancel and in either case you want the users returned to the original list. You would certainly not want the user to 'wander off' with a record that was open for editing.

    You will need to use JQuery to control the opening of a Modal Window.