A round up of articles that discuss style sheets and changing the look and feel of Sage CRM

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Sage CRM because of its design is a very customizable system. It is a low-code and no-code configurable system.  It only has a browser-based interface.  The system screens that a user see as they navigate around the product are rendered in HTML.

HTML tags are used to define the structure and content of a document. They say, "This is a header", "This is a paragraph", and "This is a table", by using tags like h1, p, table, and so on. The layout of the document is then taken care of by the browser.

A cascading stylesheet provides a way of separating the structure/content of a document from the presentational information.  It is important to be aware that CSS is not just applicable to HTML but to any kind of XML document.

CSS can be used to define colours, fonts, layout, and other aspects of document presentation.


Main Interface Changes


Mobile Theme