PRINT DEBTORS STATEMENT - missing currency

Hi All,

I used to print out statements and sent to my customers. 

Debtors -> Print Debtors Statement->Choose Period->OK->Preview-> Print.

Now I would like to just generated PDF file of the statements and email them to my customers.

So I do this: Debtors -> Print Debtors Statement->Choose Period->OK->Converter->Choose Export Report to PDF

I noticed there is a slight different which I cannot solved. 

At the bottom of each page, there is a "Ringgit Malaysia (with the amount)".

When I choose preview and print, every page/every customers statement has the "Ringgit Malaysia" before the amount. 

However, when I choose convert to PDF, only the first statement/first page shows "Ringgit Malaysia" before the amount. The rest of the pages only show the amount.

How to solved this problem ?