Account not balance while proceed Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss

Hi Everyone, I have an problem from my UBS Accounting. When I proceed TB, B/S, P&L, there had a message pop up stated "account not balance". I already check my transactions file, all of my transactions are tally. Any one can help me?

  • Please check in General > Opening Balance = Are the debit and credit balance here?  

    *** Please check with last year closing balance sheet if not balance, and make your amendments ***

    Please check in Transactions > Scan Batches (all) = Are there any (NO results?)  Please check the "No" results to troubleshoot

    Please check in Periodic > Check Records in file> look for bad records = Are your files ok? (if not please check the transactions affected)

    Please check in Periodic > Check Records in file> Data integrity check = Look for "yes" results and troubleshoot the problem from there.