Sage Business Cloud Email Fail/unable to send and received

Dear Sage Business Cloud Accounting member, 

We would like to inform currently we are investigating a potential issue with the mail service issues on sending out email from since 27 August 2020.

Our teams are working hard to solve this issue and aware of an issue also affecting customers.

We're continuing to monitor the service.

In between, our best advice for a temporary solution is to generate the transaction & distribute the transaction via manual.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

  • Dear Customer, 


    Issue: Our internal team has picked up an issue with a delay on email deliveries and is liaising with our service providers regarding it. In some cases emails are not being delivered altogether.

    Update: A fix has been implemented and we are now seeing 100% delivery success with all new emails that are being sent out. Older mails that were sent prior to the fix are still delayed however. Our teams are still working tirelessly on this incident.

    ETA: We are continuously working on this incident internally and with our service providers to resolve and will continue to update this post as and when new information is available.

    Priority: Highest
  • not solved. still happening. useless fix

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