• Want to apply discount on header level for Order Entry in SAGE 300

    Dear Expert

    I am stuck in the middle of a project and it is very important project for me. Actually, we are an integration company. We are trying to create an order with header level discount from Magento 2 to SAGE 300 via REST API. 

    Request Url : xxxxx…

  • Cannot Create order


    I am new to Sage. I am making orders on Sage300 using REST Api. I have created customer on Sage using the API successfully

    I am using C# for integration

    I am unable to create order on Sage. The API returns Internal Server Error. I have check credentials…

  • How to Configure Sage300 2018 so that store Date and time for OEOrder and OEInvoice

    Hi Expert ,

        I am using Sage300 api . I want to filter  api with Order /Invoice Creation datetime . I am facing one issue in my response i can't see any time in creation datetime field .

    Any one can help me how it can be possible that Date and Time…