• Is it possible to move from onsite Payroll to an AWS instance?

    Hi there

    We are currently using Sage Payroll Professional and it is hosted in our office on a Windows Server.

    There are 3 members of our finance team who connect to it. It's rarely more than one connected at a time.

    We are looking into moving away…

  • Office 64bit Compatibility - Sage Payroll (MicroPay)

    Would it be possible to include support for 64bit versions of Office in future Sage Payroll updates?

    Currently the application only support 32bit versions of Office and would be useful if it could support 64bit as well

  • Clear your financial year end balances

    The tax year runs from 1 January to 31 December, however your company's financial year may not coincide with these dates. 

    This optional year end task involves you clearing any payment and deduction balances that you don't want in your new financial…

  • Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme changes

    Revenue has recently announced changes to the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) rates of payments that come into effect for the next period period after 19 October. 

    To better support businesses dealing with Covid 19 Level 5 restrictions, Revenue has…

  • Average wage report

    Anyone know why the Average Wage Report is calculating 8 weeks instead of 9? We do our payroll monthly. Thanks!

  • Sage Payroll (Formerly Micropay) Emailing Payslips - Automated?

    Hi All

    I am trying to find documentation to show that the emailing of payslips in Sage Payroll (Micropay) is an automated process, ie. you click view/print payslips and select email and that then sends the payslips to all employees who are supposed to…

  • Invalid ppsn and employment Id combination employment already exists for specified details

    When trying to import the RPN, i get the following message

    Invalid ppsn and employment Id combination employment already exists for specified details

    Can anyone help me with this?


  • P45 Sage 50 Payroll

    I am about to sit my ICB payroll exam using sage 50 payroll.
    I am looking to print a P45 but the template (Background) doesn’t show up.
    Is there a way of making template (Background) show up so I can print?
    At the moment it is just printing on…

  • Pay Frequency change from 4 weekly to Monthly ?



    Can a 4 weekly payroll be changed to a monthly. on the Sage website its only showing Weekly to monthly and monthly to weekly. There use to be dates on the 4 weekly to be changed but I cannot see this anywhere.