• Year End Support Bulletin

    The Payroll Year End Support Bulletin for is now available to read. Keep up to date and find some top tips as the year comes to a close and we look ahead to 2022.

    Read about:

    • Completing year end
    • Legislation for 2022
    • Festive tips
    • Free training

    Plus much…

  • Win a pair of Apple Airpods!

    Payroll year end is just around the corner

    As you make submissions to Revenue every time you pay your employees, payroll year end is just like any other pay period with a few preparation tasks and additional steps.

    There are 4 simple stages to Install…

  • Year end is here!

    Year end has arrived and completing the 2020 tax year has never been easier!

    Follow our simple guide to find out how to:

    • Check your software is up to date
    • Process your final pay period
    • Complete the tax year
    • Begin the 2021 tax year

    Find out more >…

  • Payroll year end webinar

    Our payroll year end webinar is a great way to find out more about payroll year end.

    In this one hour webinar we show you how to:

    • Prepare for year end.
    • How to process year end.
    • Get ready for 2021 tax year.

    Join us for a live demonstration and the chance…

  • Plan ahead for payroll year end

    To help you plan ahead for payroll year end (PYE), we've gathered together some useful resources and information including:

    • When to expect your update
    • How to get support with PYE
    • What to expect at PYE
    • How to review your submissions to Revenue
    • Watch…
  • Budget announcement for the 2021 tax year

    The Minister of Finance has announced the budget summary for the 2021 tax year. 

    Some of the changes include new National Minimum Wage rates and new USC thresholds.
  • Housekeeping tasks in Sage Payroll

    With payroll year end (PYE) not too far away, there are some tasks you can complete to keep your Sage Payroll records in good order. You can do these tasks at any time but they're especially important in preparation for PYE.

    Read more >

  • Process holidays over year end

    Over the festive period, some employees may be on holiday over year end, this could result in part of the holiday falling on a pay day in the new tax year.

    This means you need to advance pay for the weeks in 2019, then process the first week in 2020 separately…

  • Win an Amazon Echo Dot! - competition now closed

    From all of the payroll year end 2019 competition entries, we're delighted to announce the winner chosen at random is Tamta Sepashvili! Congratulations Tamta, and well done for being prepared for payroll year end. You have won an Amazon Echo Dot!!

  • Sage Payroll - Error in Insurable Weeks

    When processing Year End 2018, I noticed I have 54 insurable weeks....  Aug-18 is the problem where I have 5 weeks but should be 4 weeks.  Can I go back to August and change that?  Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions.

  • Retrieving RPNs and ROS certificate

    If you’re experiencing an issue with retrieving RPNs and Sage Payroll not being able to see your ROS certificate, this is quite common.

    To resolve this you can download and install the new ‘Sage Payroll v21.3 / v22.0 (2019 full install / 2018…

  • Check if you have a week 53 in Sage Payroll 2018

    Because the number of days in the tax year doesn't divide into a whole number of tax weeks, any remaining days are known as an extra pay period or week 53. To help you find out if you have a week 53 in 2018, please use the flow-chart below.

    If you…

  • What are the key dates over 2018 year end?

    There are four main key dates over payroll year end:

    • 31 December

    The 2018 tax year ends on 31 December 2018. You must ensure you process all of your pay periods up to this date before completing your year end. Read more >

    • 1 January

    The 2019 tax…

  • PAYE Modernisation and year end training

    PAYE Modernisation, also known as Real-Time Reporting (RTR), is a new piece of legislation being introduce by the Revenue Commissioners from 1 January 2019. RTR will affect anyone who runs a payroll, requiring the PAYE reporting to be submitted at the…