• Revenue Online Service (ROS) - Current Status

    From time to time, there may be downtime on ROS. 

    When this happens, it can impact your Sage Payroll software and you may not be able to make a submission or retrieve RPNs.

    To keep you informed, we've put together an article where we keep you up to date…

  • ROS Certificate not Validated for RPN's


    I was on the online chat and sent emails to Sage Support in relation to an issue I have with my ROS certificate not being validated or found. See the error below when I try to request RPN's.

    I am running the latest version of Micropay 22.1…

  • Invalid ppsn and employment Id combination employment already exists for specified details

    When trying to import the RPN, i get the following message

    Invalid ppsn and employment Id combination employment already exists for specified details

    Can anyone help me with this?


  • PAYE Modernisation FAQ

    Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions from our customers recently:


    When submitting payroll to bank it has to be the day before you pay the employee. Can the pay date and the EMT date be different?

    The date in the calendar needs to be the…

  • Reporting in SAGE Micropay after RPN Retrieval

    Having an issue once you have retrieved RPNs. it seems Sage not have added any reporting function to show anything other then successful. Previous versions of Sage when importing Tax Certificates you got a option to look at - People on the file and successful…

  • RPN with zero values

    Hello everyone!

    I'm facing the following problem: I can successfully retrieve my RPN from ROS. But when I'm to process payroll pay (or when I check employee's details) I notice all credits are at zero, and UCS rate bands is just 8%. Like it's really…

  • Retrieve RPN's


    We are experiencing an intermittent issue when trying to Retrieve RPN's.

    The Log on to Revenue step completes but the Check Request step fails with the following error:

    We have not been able to complete your RPN Request for the following reasons…

  • Retrieving RPNs and ROS certificate

    If you’re experiencing an issue with retrieving RPNs and Sage Payroll not being able to see your ROS certificate, this is quite common.

    To resolve this you can download and install the new ‘Sage Payroll v21.3 / v22.0 (2019 full install / 2018…