• Unable to preform a backup with MicropayBackupManager

    We never had an issue with backups before but now none of them are working when backing up Payroll

    The backup is fine until it gets to Archiving MicropayBackupManager/

    Then we get the following errors

    -Archiving MicropayBackupManager/Ionic.Zip.dll-Archiving…

  • Office 64bit Compatibility - Sage Payroll (MicroPay)

    Would it be possible to include support for 64bit versions of Office in future Sage Payroll updates?

    Currently the application only support 32bit versions of Office and would be useful if it could support 64bit as well

  • Average wage report

    Anyone know why the Average Wage Report is calculating 8 weeks instead of 9? We do our payroll monthly. Thanks!

  • Gross Pay is less then Pay for USC

    Hi All,

    We have received a letter form Revenue stating that are submission data is incorrect.

    They state that the Gross pay is less than the pay for USC. The issue appears to be due to the Share scheme we process which is subject to USC and PRSI but not…

  • Migration of server data


    I work in IT and have been asked to complete a migration of Sage data from a 2003 server running Micropay Professional Server v12.1. This will be moved to a Windows 2016 server. I found this article on migrating payroll data (https://ask.sage.co…

  • Sage Payroll (Formerly Micropay) Emailing Payslips - Automated?

    Hi All

    I am trying to find documentation to show that the emailing of payslips in Sage Payroll (Micropay) is an automated process, ie. you click view/print payslips and select email and that then sends the payslips to all employees who are supposed to…

  • Invalid ppsn and employment Id combination employment already exists for specified details

    When trying to import the RPN, i get the following message

    Invalid ppsn and employment Id combination employment already exists for specified details

    Can anyone help me with this?


  • Reporting in SAGE Micropay after RPN Retrieval

    Having an issue once you have retrieved RPNs. it seems Sage not have added any reporting function to show anything other then successful. Previous versions of Sage when importing Tax Certificates you got a option to look at - People on the file and successful…

  • Retrieve RPN's


    We are experiencing an intermittent issue when trying to Retrieve RPN's.

    The Log on to Revenue step completes but the Check Request step fails with the following error:

    We have not been able to complete your RPN Request for the following reasons…

  • Paying a week in advance - Micropay


    We have a weekly payroll with a pay date every Friday. We are paying on 21st December and also paying a week in advance due to the holidays. To do this I set the insurable weeks to 2 when setting the period - is there anything more that I need to do…

  • Tax free gift

    If a company gives staff a tax free €500 one 4all gift voucher, does this need to be recorded through Micropay, if so how? Thanks

  • Data health check

    Missing or incorrect details can cause problems when you upload returns to Revenue Online Service (ROS). To ensure that there are no problems within your Sage Micropay software, it's a good idea to regularly check the health of your payroll data. …
  • Get a live demo from a Sage expert

    These popular sessions are a great way to see program features in action and learn how to perform different payroll tasks and processes. They're free to attend, all you need is a computer with internet access, speakers or headphones so you can listen…

  • Changed the Micropay admin password, and now can't log in!

    If you've changed the administrator password and now can't log in to Sage Micropay, you must reset the software log in details back to their default settings.

    To receive the files needed to reset your Sage Micropay administrator log in details…

  • What are the key dates over 2018 year end?

    There are four main key dates over payroll year end:

    • 31 December

    The 2018 tax year ends on 31 December 2018. You must ensure you process all of your pay periods up to this date before completing your year end. Read more >

    • 1 January

    The 2019 tax…

  • Important software update coming soon

    The next time you update your software you'll notice Micropay has a new name. Sage Payroll has all the same great functionality of Micropay, used in exactly the same way as before.

    This release will start getting your software ready to support future…