• Able to change special prices in bulk

    Hi all,

    During these unforeseen times with all these price increase and them changing from day to day you should 100% be able to change your special prices in bulk rather than having to change every price individually. It is not viable and is far too…

  • Request to display VAT (Tax) Code "Descriptions" on data entry.

    Hi all.

    I was wondering if other business partners & users are finding it difficult to remember and distinguish between the many VAT (Tax) codes upon data entry when using the drop-down Tax Code selection list, especially where the customer environment…

  • sage 50 accounts 2013

    Hi I need to reinstall sage 50 accounts 2013 but I don't have the media.

    I have been unable to get the setup from sage.

    Can anyone provide me with a link to the old version of software?

    I can provide my email address if you don't wont to post the…