• Able to change special prices in bulk

    Hi all,

    During these unforeseen times with all these price increase and them changing from day to day you should 100% be able to change your special prices in bulk rather than having to change every price individually. It is not viable and is far too…

  • Sage 30 day trial

    Is it possible to install the 30 day trial license again a second time to the same computer but using a different serial number and activation key from another email account.

    I'm teaching an online course and normally 30 day trial license is sufficient…

  • Bank Reconciliation showing negative payments

    I am trying to reconcile my bank account and my payment on accounts/purchase payments are coming up negative in my bank reconciliation. I have also checked to make sure I've not changed the payment why does this happen?

  • Cash Flow report

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to generate a cash flow graph, something like this example taken from google:


    I can go to Bank Accounts>Cashflow forecast, but that just gives me all the raw data and it doesn't have any options to show the data visually in graphs…

  • VAT code for supply of services to the UK post Brexit

    Hi there,

    Could someone advise the correct tax code in Sage 50 for an Irish company invoicing customers for supply of services in the UK?

    Pre-Brexit we have used the tax code T22 Sales of services to VAT registered customers in EC.

    Thanks in advance

  • Nominal Ledger department analysis

     I'm looking to find the Nominal ledger department analysis.  I've gone into Departments - Reports- Nominal Analysis but nothing is there.   I'm using the departments to allocate to and it has been there in the past.  The only report in that area…

  • Temporary (6 months) Standard VAT Reduction Ireland

    Irish revenue had announced in the July stimulus plan that the standard rate of VAT (currently 23%) will be temporary reduced to a lower rate of 21% for a 6 month period, from 1st Sept 2020 to 28th Feb 2021. I cannot find anything on Sage (Ireland) informing…

  • Request to display VAT (Tax) Code "Descriptions" on data entry.

    Hi all.

    I was wondering if other business partners & users are finding it difficult to remember and distinguish between the many VAT (Tax) codes upon data entry when using the drop-down Tax Code selection list, especially where the customer environment…

  • Extend the Year End


    Does anyone have knowledge or experience or extending the year end, as a charity working with young people in Dublin's inner city, a number of our SLA's run for a calendar year so we are thinking of moving our year end from 31st August to 31st December…

  • Problems sending Invoices to (Outlook) email from Sage 50

    Hi there

    I recently got a new laptop and am running sage as normal

    However I now cannot email invoices

    The email button gives a 'Report File Cannot be found'

    When I try to Print to email i get the error

    Error with the address  : Please install…

  • sage 50 accounts 2013

    Hi I need to reinstall sage 50 accounts 2013 but I don't have the media.

    I have been unable to get the setup from sage.

    Can anyone provide me with a link to the old version of software?

    I can provide my email address if you don't wont to post the…