• VAT code for supply of services to the UK post Brexit

    Hi there,

    Could someone advise the correct tax code in Sage 50 for an Irish company invoicing customers for supply of services in the UK?

    Pre-Brexit we have used the tax code T22 Sales of services to VAT registered customers in EC.

    Thanks in advance

  • Request to display VAT (Tax) Code "Descriptions" on data entry.

    Hi all.

    I was wondering if other business partners & users are finding it difficult to remember and distinguish between the many VAT (Tax) codes upon data entry when using the drop-down Tax Code selection list, especially where the customer environment…

  • Zero Rated purchases of services from suppliers outside EU

    Hi there,

    I had a query re the correct tax code for invoices outside of the EU with no VAT. At the minute I have allocated them as T21 however i note this is relating to zero rated purchase of goods from suppliers outside the EU (i.e. US & India). Should…

  • How to account for VAT on business purchases with no valid VAT receipt

    What do people do in these situations? Obviously you should not claim the VAT back but which Sage VAT code should you use? My predecessor used VAT code T0 - is that right?

  • Re VAT Code supply of services outside of the EC

    Hi there,

    Could someone please advise me if T2 would be the correct VAT code for an Irish company to use on a customer invoice supplying services to a US company?

    Many thanks in advance.