Journal postings

Is it possible to show posting date on print out of Journal postings?

  • Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for using Sage City and apologies for the delay in our reply on this occasion.

    You can edit your Day Books: Nominal Ledger report in Report Designer to show the date the transaction was entered. To do this:

    1. In Nominal codes, click Reports, select Day Books: Nominal Ledger then click Edit.
    2. On the menu bar click Report, click Report Properties and enter a new report name, then click OK.
    3. In the Details section of the report, decide on which field to replace then double-click the field, for example, EXTRA_REF.
    4. Replace the existing text, for example, AUDIT_SPLIT.EXTRA_REF, with the following then click OK:


    5. Double-click the column heading, for example, Ex.Ref, then enter the new column heading.
    6. To save the report, click File, click Save As, enter a new file name then click Save.
    7. To close Report Designer, click File then Exit.

    You can find further help with Report Designer in our Reports and layouts Help Centre >


    Emma Watson
    Sage UKI