Request to display VAT (Tax) Code "Descriptions" on data entry.

Hi all.

I was wondering if other business partners & users are finding it difficult to remember and distinguish between the many VAT (Tax) codes upon data entry when using the drop-down Tax Code selection list, especially where the customer environment caters for a multitude of VAT rates between standard, reduced and zero rated, on top of import and export goods and services. As a business partner, when rolling out new customer training, other than printing out the tax code list and highlighting the more common codes, users are finding it difficult in selection of the correct Tax Code, as the drop-down box only includes the code (e.g. T0) and rate (e.g. 0%), but they are unsure of the correct selection as there are many 0% rated codes. This issue arises throughout where taxable data entry is required, e.g. Purchase Ledger Invoice, Invoice & Credit Transactions, Bank payments, etc.

Your thoughts would be most welcome Slight smile


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