Brexit and Import Commodity Codes

Hi, we are an import company who are getting ready for BREXIT, we need to put our commodity codes on all our products. These codes are 10 digits long and will not fit in the commodity code box. Support suggested we put the last two digits in the box to the right of the commodity code box but this box is for the Tarrif/Duty codes and we are already using this. We have to produce reports for the Irish Revenue which identifies how much duty we pay on each imported stock item, this is what we use this small box on the right for, we have allocated a code against each duty fee (say 2.2%) and have noted this code against the applicable product. The commodity code box will only allow an 8 digit code, we need a 10 digit code for imports. When we print any reports showing the commodity code it only prints the 8 digits that are in the commodity code box. This is a really urgent matter and I am sure a lot of other users are having the same issue. Can you please update me on your intentions to expand the commodity code digits as soon as possible.  

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