Aged Creditors Report

Hi there,

We have pulled an Aged Creditors Analysis Detailed report on 12th of June at 10.30am and a summary report on same date at 3.10pm.

There was one creditor and balance missing from the report. When we pulled the same report again on June 18th the creditor and balance is back on the list.

Has anyone here experienced this before or know of any reason this may have happened?



  • Hi Aine

    This may require further investigation via technical support.

    Have you verified that all accounts had actually been selected when running the report, and one account not mistakenly left unselected?

    As the detail and summary report ran at different times, it may be possible that allocations were made within this time frame?

    Are you still having these issues, or, are the reports acting as they should?



  • Hi Gary,

    I have checked this and the only way which I think we could have left anyone out would have been to highlight all the creditors on the page leaving one out and then pull the report.

    My colleague hadn't done that when she pulled the report that was missing the individual creditor.

    No allocations had been made and the Creditor is still in the aged report.

    When doing the backup at the end of the week we do a check on all data and a reindex. I wonder would it be possible that the details had been dropped somehow and fixed when we ran the backup.