Issue with format of emails when sending invoices (Gmail)

I've just set up emailing invoices through Gmail, and I'm finding the formatting to be off. The image below shows what I've input in in the Email Settings within Sage Report Designer:

And this is what it looks like in our 'Sent' folder in Gmail:

So in short, the paragraph formatting has been erased. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?



  • Hi David

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    In early builds of Sage Accounts v25.1 if a layout or invoice includes line breaks in the content, they are removed when the email is presented in your mail provider.

    If more than one version of Accounts has been installed, all versions are likely to be affected as they share the same Report Designer.

    This issue is fixed in the latest build of Sage 50 Accounts v25.1.121.0. This update is available to install from here.

    The update should be applied to all computers with a copy of Sage 50 Accounts. If the data is held on a server without a copy of the software, the update should still be installed there to update the data service.


    As a workaround, the line breaks can be added back in using Outlook before the email is issued.

    If this isn't practical as you have a lot of emails, you can remove the text from the layout, except for one space, and create an email signature in Outlook and add that to the layout in Settings > Email defaults.

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