Edit a customer CODE in TAS Books 2

I would like to Edit a customer code. The only suggestion i could locate for this is to use the 'Maintain Customers' option

2. Sales >  1. Customers >  1.Maintain Customers

However in doing so - it seems the CODE cannot be edited.

in fact an error message pops up stating: You cannot change the code of a customer that has already been created

To the contrary i recall a former colleague had changed a number of codes of already created customers, unfortunately he is no longer with us & i cannot recall the process.

Any assistance would be gratefully received.

  • Hi DotMatrix,

    From time to time you may need to change a customer or supplier code, for example, to make it easier to identify them if the supplier or customer has changed their company name.

    To change a customer account code:

    1. From the menu bar open Central > General Operations and Utilities > Manager Customer & Supplier Accounts (option 054).
    2. Select Change the Account Code of a Customer then click Next.
    3. Enter the existing customer code.

      Tip: To select the customer from a list, click the Existing Customer Code link or press F2, highlight the customer then click Select.
    4. Enter the new customer code then click Next.
    5. Click Close.

    I hope this helps.

    Sage UKI