Prevasive Licence error 161

One user is logged on and I tried logging on TasBooks and it wouldn't let me. It came up with the above error, although we have a licence for a workgroup of 5 users.

What do i do?


  • Hi Sandhya,

    Please ensure all users are logged out of TAS on all PC’s.

    Then go to the PC/server that holds the TAS data and ensure there is a permanent 5 user licence in the Licence Administrator. To do this, in the search bar in windows bottom left type “license administrator”. If there is a license click on it then hit “deactivate”.

    Once the license has been removed re-enter the licence and press activate (If you do not know your pervasive license key please contact support on 0191 479 5920.

    Then  hold down the windows key and letter R, type in Services.msc and press enter.  Stop and restart the Pervasive service.

    You should then be able to open TAS on the primary PC.