Migration of TAs to Sage 50c

The central activation computer on my Tas accounts is irreparable and I want to migrate a back up to Sage. The company in question  has very few records as it is very small.  will the migration bring every record across? I can not view the current position in Tas books as we cannot activate the central computer which leaves all other computers unable to log in. It is version 3 Tas

many thanks. 

  • Hi Denise,

    Thanks for using Sage City. I’m sorry for the delay in my reply, we’ve recently moved to a new system and are catching up on our posts following this transition.

    You will find all the information on how to send the data into us for Migration and book your migration slot and prepare your data in TAS and what information gets brought across on the following page


    The length of time for a migration depends on the size of the data and if there are any issues in the TAS data, the typical migration would take around an hour to complete for each dataset.

    The data which gets brought across is all your customers/suppliers/nominal codes/products/banks with opening balances

    It is not possible to migrate the transactions across

    If you wish to view historical transactions, these will need to be viewed in TAS.