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I have a tech/dev question please. Sage X3 V11 patch 11.

Can we add any conditions to the GAS import template for accounting date to check if period is restricted or closed? 

We're using a csv file to import journals to X3 based on GAS template. 

We routinely update the CLO parameters for period restrictions and hard close the periods when we're done. 

When we import the csv file, sometimes user's forget to update the accounting date and the file imports in closed periods or where we have CLO dates restrictions in place.

Thank you so much. 

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    From a technical point of view,I do not believe there is a way to do this directly, however you should be able to add some custom 4GL code to the import template for this functionality.   You might want to discuss your requirements with your local X3 support provider if you need to pursue this further.

    Having said that, from a functional perspective the import should behave the same as if a user was entering via a screen, so not sure if you are allowed to add journals to a closed period as a user in the front end?  (Sorry I do not know much functional stuff)  If you cannot enter a journal to a closed period in the front end, then check you have picked the correct function for the import template (should be GESGAS)